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1) DWP to axe Universal Jobsmatch following ridicule for fraudulent posts

The DWP are drawing up plans to axe the maligned Universal Jobsmatch site after investigations have revealed the site has had thousands of fake jobs posted in an attempt to extract money from jobseekers through fake credit or security checks.

The website has also been ridiculed for it’s postings which have included ” MI6 “target elimination specialist” and “international couriers” for CosaNostra Holdings, as well as listings for pornographic websites.”

Documents obtained by The Guardian suggest the website, which is a mandatory sign up for jobseekers, could be dismantled when the contract of service comes up for renewal in 2 years.

Frank Field MP who has lead some of the research into the site is now pressing the National Audit Office for a new investigation as the site is “bedevilled with fraud.”


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2) Five richest families in UK have the more wealth than poorest 20% combined

Oxfam released the following information last week:

“Just five families in the UK are richer than the 12.6 MILLION poorest Brits. Inequality like this is a massive problem, but it’s far from inevitable – it’s a result of political choices that can be reversed.

“It’s time for change, and we’re determined to tackle inequality head on. Help us by SHARING this post to spread the word about the injustice of inequality on our doorstep.”

Image: Oxfam

Image: Oxfam

3) Osborne delivers budget for the haves and PR gaffe ensues

George Osborne delivered yet another budget that ignores the millions of people most in need of help from growth. Concentrating on savings, pensions and those already much better off, the financial plans seemed to serve the ‘haves’ as Julia Unwin stated in the Jospeph Rowntree response to the budget:

“This is a Budget for the people who already have, not for the people who need to benefit most from the return to growth. It is a lost opportunity for the 13 million people in poverty who need active intervention to tackle the structural barriers that keep them in poverty.

People on low incomes are unlikely to see the welcome  benefits of growth unless there is targeted help with household and housing costs, with child care and with the nature of jobs and training. The expense and inefficiency of high levels of poverty continue to put a drag on growth.”

A PR campaign ensued highlighting the ‘benefits’ the budget would give people in the form of beer (1p off the pint) and bingo (lowering tax) with the Conservative party shouting they were helping “hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.”

Imgae: The Telegraph

Imgae: The Telegraph

The above poster was released and re-tweeted with warnings like “this is not a parody.” Comparisons were drawn to Orwellian prophecies and many said the use of “they” was patronising as though the Tory party saw themselves as a cut above the masses. However, the most embarrassing element came from the Twiitersphere as the #torybingo hashtag began climbing the top trends with things like:

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 14.31.52

There was a call for Tory Party Chairman, Grant Shapps to be sacked following the gross mis-judgement of the campaign. But it has turned out it was the briefcase bearer himself, George Osborne who signed off the design with some reporting he was very “enthusiastic” about it. 

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4) Warren Buffet agrees with Economists in predicting a stock market crash in 2014

Warren Buffet, along with other economists who predicted the 2008 crash, is now forewarning of a further crash this year.

Buffet and agreeing colleagues say we are living in a “financial asset bubble” and we should not be surprised that it will burst.

Image: Incolo

Image: Incolo

However, as opposed to looking at this prospect with fear, some such as Zero Hedge, say we need to look at this more optimistically:

“The world is not coming to an end. It’s going to reset. There’s a huge difference between the two.

“Think about the system that we’re living under.

“A tiny elite has total control of the money supply. They wield intrusive spy networks and weapons of mass destruction. The can confiscate the wealth of others in their sole discretion. They can indebt unborn generations.

“Curiously, these are the same people who are so incompetent they can’t put a website together.

“It’s not working. And just about everyone knows it.

“We’re taught growing up that ‘We the People’ have the power to affect radical change in the voting booth. But this is another fairy tale.

“Voting only changes the players. It doesn’t change the game.

“Technology is one major game changer. The technology exists today to completely revolutionize the way we live and govern ourselves.

“Today’s system is just a 19th century model applied to a 21st century society. I mean– a room full of men making decisions about how much money to print? It’s so antiquated it’s almost comical.

“But given that the majority of Western governments borrow money just to pay interest on money they’ve already borrowed, it’s obvious the current game is almost finished.

“When it ends, there will be a reset… potentially a tumultuous one.

“This is why you want to have a plan B, and why you don’t want to have all of your eggs in one basket.”

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1) Housing benefits to face sanction risk for part time workers

Part time workers who are judged as not doing enough to find full time work will face sanctions on their housing benefit in new criteria for Universal Credit.

Up until now, only those on out-of-work benefits faced threat of sanction, but under new rules, those working under 35 hours per week will be monitored and face sanction on their housing benefit, as they do not receive JSA or ESA payments.

Landlords have already been lobbying government worried at the new prospect of housing benefit being paid directly to claimants, and want the housing benefit payment to be free from sanction under any circumstance.

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2) Up to 60% of Job Vacancies on Universal Job Match fake

Ministers have revealed that hundreds of thousands of people applying for jobs on the mandatory Jobseeker claimant recruitment system, Universal Jobsmatch, could have been wasting their time, as up to 60% may have been placed by bogus firms.

179 businesses responsible for up to 350,000 of the 600,000 vacancies on Universal Jobsmatch are being investigated. Some of these vacancies asked for money upfront from claimants for fake background checks.

Image: The Liverpool Echo - Employment Minister Esther McVey

Image: The Liverpool Echo – Employment Minister Esther McVey

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Universal Credit Boss steps down after one year

Andy Nelson, the Department For Work and Pensions Chief Information Officer, who also has overseen the implementation of the government’s flagship welfare overhaul, the Universal Credit system, which condenses several benefits into one payment for the claimant, has stepped down, after only a year in the role.

The Universal Credit system has been plagued with problems since it’s introduction, including IT problems which have seen up to £174m of taxpayer’s money written off.

The system is thought to now cost an estimated £12.5bn – six times as much as first forecast. However, the government maintain that the system will bring £35bn worth of saving to the country.

The DWP is yet to reveal who will replace Andy Nelson.

Government must help 2 million Children stay warm, says charity

Image: The Guardian

Image: The Guardian


The Children Society say that 2 million children from poorer households are missing out on help they are entitled to, to stay warm, because the government are failing to publicise help with bills.

Poorer households could see £135 knocked off their electricity bill, but are not being told, at a time when hundreds of thousands of households are having to decide whether to ‘heat or eat.’

Child Poverty strategies have been attacked by several charities and opposition MPs recently, with one Labour representative highlighting that the number of family households unable to find work since 2010, has soared by 46% to over 600,000 families. Labour suggest this is another sign of the coalition’s weak attempt to tackle child poverty.


by Kam Sandhu @KamBass