The government has set itself the task of reducing public spending by £18bn in the four years up to 2015.

Cuts are now harshly affecting our public services and our welfare.

The strain of a flailing economy also creates the perfect climate for moral panic and blame. Media has played a large part in our view of our welfare system. Often, a one sided part.

‘RealFare’ is a brand new project that aims to de-myth our welfare system, by taking a closer look at the different sectors affected by the cuts.

Employment. Housing. Family welfare. The rights of the disabled and the elderly. Topics we’ll be exploring each week, bringing together insight, reactions and advice from experts, commentators and people whose lives have been forcibly altered by these changes.

Through interviews, personal accounts, professional opinions and factual articles posted on the RealFare blog, we aim to provide a fuller, more truthful picture of our society as it struggles to pay back the deficit.

We are not trading on sensationalism. We are not trying to reveal any scandals. We are not trying to sell any papers. But, we believe that a more honest look at our welfare system could make us feel differently about each other, the media and our government.

Do you have a story or a viewpoint on employment, disability rights or any aspect of welfare? Is there something you’d like us to investigate? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at info@realfare.co.uk