[Video] IDS’ Jobs Fair, Chingford, 14th November 2014

kamsandhu —  November 18, 2014 — 9 Comments

On 14th November a jobs fair was held in Chingford, the constituency of Iain Duncan Smith.

Under threat of sanction and checked for letters from the jobcentre, unemployed people from around the borough attended (According to the PCS union, there has been a 350% increase in sanctions for those on sickness benefits, and 920,000 people on JSA have been sanctioned in the year up to March 2014).

Despite being the poster boy due to open the fair, IDS snuck in at 08:30am and scarpered way before the 10am start. Outside a small herd of police manned a handful of protestors. We went along to speak to some of them. Thanks to Lucas Hinchey for the film work here.

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Kam Sandhu




9 responses to [Video] IDS’ Jobs Fair, Chingford, 14th November 2014


    they did something similar in liverpool a few years ago..of course the only jobs there was apprenticeships, and jobs in other areas where they didnt get funding for anyone not in the area..


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