Counter Power – Building our own methods of organising life

kamsandhu —  November 13, 2014 — 2 Comments

Thomas Barlow – @tbarls

Image: Grow Heathrow

Image: Grow Heathrow

Last week we talked about Dual Power…

Yates McKee describes a dual power approach as “forging alliances and supporting demands on existing institutions — elected officials, public agencies, universities, workplaces, banks, corporations, museums — while at the same time developing self-organized counter-institutions.”

This week we look at one specific aspect of that – counter power.  Building the new in the shell of the old.

Below we have a list of organisations that are doing everything from simple basics, like where you put your money and what you buy, to creating whole new ways of eating, building and providing energy.  We don’t want to just be pointing out the flaws in this disastrous system we live in, we want to help find the solutions and get involved.

We hope that in the coming times when people say to you ‘nice idea but it wouldn’t work’  you can point to this list and say ‘but it already is…’.

Please take a little time a click on the links – there is a lot of amazing information here.

  1. MONEY 

    From moving your money, to creating a new system of making money…


    Building houses, co-owning, squatting -there are ways for us to have a house

LILAC Image: Construction 21

LILAC Image: Construction 21

  1. FOOD 

    Buying locally?  Or growing your own?


    Build your own, or take your cash away from the big 6

  1. MEDIA

    Our new campaign!  And some of the great channels out there:


    This is something that is more developed in other countries, but it is only a matter of time before we see an alternative education system develop fully here

Image: Brandalism

Image: Brandalism

  1. CULTURE  

    Just some examples of radical art, music, and think tanks – there needs to be more!

  1. WORK 

    How we can manage our own work places, for better pay, more satisfaction and less hours



    We have no plan how to provide these- nationalisation and de-privatisation are the best options here


    This is something that can liberate and us and can be seen all around in the modern world.  There are so many different kinds of movements we haven’t listed them here, but check out any open source projects if you are into using your skills for good!

  • Internet

  • 3D printing

  • Open Source

  • Automation

Image: threedeeprinting

Image: threedeeprinting




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