Wear Red’s Policies for Public Interest: What you won’t hear at the Tory Party Conference

kamsandhu —  October 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

As Cameron takes to the stage today at the Tory Party conference to deliver a speech that is undoubtedly doused in the talents of the best speechwriter that hard taxpayer’s cash can buy, the content will nauseatingly and unrepentantly describe the maintenance of the status quo – disproportionate levying on the poor whilst funnelling of money to the acquaintances of our government goes entirely unchecked and unmentioned. 

So instead, we take a refreshing look at some policies the guys over at Wear Red believe we need most. Doubt Cameron will find these in his notes.

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What policies or changes you feel are most needed to create a system that fights for public interest?

  • A ban on professional lobbyists would be a good start
  • A ban on any minister taking up any position with a company that benefited in any way from legislation enacted or decisions made by the government they were serving in, for 10 years after leaving office.
  • MPs and Lords prevented from voting on anything that directly affects things they have a commercial interest in – as it is in Local Government (witness the passage of the Health and Social Care bill – 206 parliamentarians who voted for the act had recent or current financial ties with private healthcare concerns).
  • Obviously we need PR
  • A more progressive tax system, and the closing of the myriad of loopholes that exist that allow businesses and individuals to avoid billions of taxes each year.
  • More power to the regions (assemblies) and local authorities including the power to set local taxation.
  • Renationalisation of essential services such as power, transport and water.
  • New employment laws that compel companies to have Union and worker representation on the Board and in decision making.
  • Investment in new green technology and renewable energy to end our reliance on fossil fuels with the communities that support them benefiting directly by the way of community dividends…out of all the bad things going on in the world, Global warming and ecosystem destruction is the thing that probably scares us most.
  • This is without mentioning multiple bills brought in by the coalition government we would repeal such as the Health and Social Welfare Bill, charity gagging orders, unpaid workfare schemes, spare room subsidy (bedroom tax)…the list goes on and on…

..These are just a few.

Image: Wear Red

Image: Wear Red

How can people find out more about you? Are there any plans or events coming up in the next few months?

We don’t generally run events or have any plans to form a party – we are just two ordinary blokes with families, jobs etc who wanted to try and make a tiny bit of difference and take the fight back to the faceless elites that seem to be taking over. As our numbers grow, who knows what might be possible in the future.

If people want to find out more and lend support, they can like our Facebook Page





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