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kamsandhu —  August 12, 2014 — 2 Comments


Martin Luther King Jr said that a riot is the voice of the unheard.  More and more we live in a country where the majority are unheard.

After 2 explosive years of mass demonstrations, riots and occupations, the end of the Occupy movement saw the end of coverage of the politics of dissent.

The media had tried to make these movements seem as petty and awful as possible, but public support was overwhelmingly on their side.

With a Royal Wedding, the Olympics and a hopeless national football team to support, the media ignored the silencing of activists and refused to cover the actions of anti government protestors.

When the Electricians strike crippled Balfour Beatty (the largest construction company in the world), we heard nothing.

When Manchester hosted the largest demonstration in it’s history to protect the NHS, we heard nothing.

When Disabled People Against Cuts occupied the BBC to protest the lack of coverage of their issues, we heard nothing.

TTIP, legal aid cuts, workfare, mental health care slashed, fracking, the bombing of Palestine, housing crisis, benefit sanctions, food poverty, fuel poverty, people’s assemblies, public sector cuts and many other issues have seen movements go beyond protest to direct action and have been routinely ignored.

The BBC have been uniquely biased.

It is now that we ask the question, when do the unheard riot?

Of course we feel there is still a voice of dissent.  

Increasingly aware of the continued anger and frustration of the majority of people in the country the media show us one man who is prepared to stand up to establishment.

That man is – former commodities trader – Nigel Farage!

During the last 12 months UKIP have received 5 times more media coverage on the BBC than any of the main parties and 25 times more than the Greens.  

Yet when polled, 73% of UKIP voters said they preferred Green policies.  We just never got to hear those policies.

This is a classic example of spectacular distraction, media divide and rule at it’s finest.

The corporate and state media will always be drawn to spectacular over substance – but even the spectacular protests of the recent years have been hidden.

It will always organise in the interests of the powerful and represent their interests whilst it is owned by them, funded by them, influenced by their lobbying and given all their ‘official’ news by them.

However we live in an age of immediate response, of the possibility for our own free press globally.

We can change the story. We can take action that can’t be ignored.

We can hound the media in huge numbers – on their forums and on their websites and at their offices.

We can create an alternative media, and get our news and information directly from those in the know.

We can Reclaim The Media.

Thomas Barlow




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