Reclaim Our Energy

kamsandhu —  August 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

We know that if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change we need to leave 80% of Fossil Fuels in the ground.


Image: Climate Revolution

Image: Climate Revolution


We also know that if we meet our climate change targets we will be 62% less dependent on foreign oil and gas.

Finally we know that the ‘Big 6’ energy companies have a basic monopoly over our gas and electricity bills and that they are rising them year on year despite falling energy costs for them.

Yet our government is determined to continue the dash for gas – building more gas power stations and bribing/forcing communities into having fracking on their doorstep. 

Why? So these six companies can keep making enormous profits and destroying the planet?

We need to reclaim our energy.

We can create jobs, save money on our fuel bills and make sure that our communities have a safe, clean source of energy for a long, long time.

Our governments and large corporations should be supporting and investing in energy efficiency, house insulation and renewable energy. But as they have vested interests to do the opposite, to maintain profit and power for themselves, we must look to ourselves.

We can follow energy projects like the carbon coop and create renewable power for our community that keeps us off the grid and saves us money.

We can invest in retrofitting our houses, and creating energy efficiency.

All of this creates jobs, and brings communities together. We can do this now. We don’t need to be told what our energy future is, we can create it ourselves.

We can reclaim our energy.

Thomas Barlow




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