What We Learned Last Week (28/07 – 03/08)

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1) Cameron pulls sick PR stunt as he poses for photographs during raid on illegal immigrants

David Cameron attempted to show he was serious about immigration policy as he posed for photos while the Home Office conducted a raid in the house of a suspected illegal immigrant.

Image: Irish Times

Image: Irish Times

In a desperate, and morally empty, show of political oneupmanship to grab at votes, following the rise (in coverage) of UKIP, Cameron certainly demonstrated his indifference to not only illegal immigrants, but any human.

Cameron’s show could, would and has been directed at any of us who are appropriately placed to dehumanise in favour of maintaining power, grabbing at desperate votes or to allow the implementation of damaging, discriminatory policy. Ask the young, ask the unemployed, ask the disabled. And if that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the continuing widening of the wealth gap, the sacred policy that remains on track throughout the austerity drive.


Not so long ago, the Home Office twitter page began posting photos of raids, where people could be seen being handled and forced into vans by a handful of Officers. Following complaints and outrage at the idea that this was meant to impress the public, the page stopped posting anything. The same disdain and rejection of this imagery should be shown here.

Read more about this story here.

2) University fees could rise over £9000 under new government plans

Well, the Students Assembly Against Austerity did warn us, even in their victorious post on winning the battle against the selling off of student debt. The foreboding that there would still be further attempts to put students into even further debt has come true in less than a week, as the government announce proposals to allow universities to raise fees above £9000 in exchange for taking on the debt of student loans.

Instead of paying the Treasury, students would repay their university once they start earning £21,000 a year. It remains a voluntary proposal, allowing universities to opt in.

“There are fears that only the top ones could afford to take on the risk of having unpaid loans, raising the prospect of a two-tier system. There are also worries that the plan could deter universities from admitting students from poor families and women because their earnings potential would be smaller.”

David Willets, a former Universities Minister, commissioned the proposal insisting that the plans would encourage universities to ensure that students got good careers or would supply help in retraining. But the proposal would require a large number of universities to opt in to make it viable.

The issue is causing tensions within Parliament as Lib Dems fight to keep the matter off the table before the election so as not remind the public that one of the main promises the Lib Dems put forward was the abolition of tuition fees before the last election. Conservatives suffered a blow at the stop of the student loan book sell off and the year up to the General Election is no time for more ‘bad news’ as they play out the pantomime that they have ‘saved our economy’ and Labour want to make this a key issue in a way that not unnoticeably, discredits the other two. Anyone would think they were all about PR and nothing about the people, eh?

Oh and, they scrapped the Youth Contract by the way, the £1bn answer to youth unemployment failed miserably (though we knew this a while ago, despite the attempts of government to sneak out information on late Fridays, because yes, they are that desperate) and Clegg is being used as the scapegoat for this by the Conservatives. Clegg is like the immigrant being made a show of and humiliated and used for the failures of Cameron while Cameron smiles for pictures……Don’t know where that came from….

3) Woman arrested by police after posting photograph of George Osbourne at a prostitute’s flat

Natalie Rowe, the woman famously pictured under the arm of George Osbourne, at a table with cocaine on it has been arrested for posting another photo of the Chancellor on Twitter.

Rowe worked as a prostitute during the time of the photo, which was taken before Osbourne took his role in Parliament.

Image: tompride.wordpress.com

Image: tompride.wordpress.com

Rowe was also arrested last year around the time she published her memoirs in which she recounts wild parties involving the Chancellor, the use of cocaine and the use of her services as a dominatrix called Miss Whiplash.

After posting another photo of Osbourne at her house with another client on Monday 28th July, Rowe was arrested (on 30th July) for abusive behaviour.

“Of course this could all be coincidence.

Or perhaps more proof – if any more were needed – that our police are being used to protect politicians’ reputations rather than catching criminals?”

Tom Pride, Pride’s Purge 30th July

4) Tories may be planning to sell off ALL council housing after election

This post was shared by the People’s Assembly:

“Tories to sell off ALL council housing after election, lets slip Osborne according to an anonymous source who tells us:
“Whilst working for company that had a recent visit from Tory chancellor, George Osborne, a manager told me he had spoken to the minster at length and was told that the next Tory plan for austerity to be implemented after the next election was to sell off all the council house stock. Please spread the word, I strongly feel this information needs to be in the public domain!”

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Unfortunately, this is not unbelievable, but remains a gross potential look at what is planned. The government have no desire to solve the housing crisis, as we explained in this article, to the point where they are willing to help progress the crisis. We will keep an eye out for any more info on this.




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