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On July 5th, the NHS turns 66, and it is more important then ever to remind ourselves how much we need this public service, against a backdrop of politicians selling off sectors to those they know. 

These points were originally posted on Big Up The NHS, and show how you can involved in showing your love and support for the best healthcare system in the world:

NHS logo

NHS logo

“There are lots of ways that you can get involved in #NHS66 and make it your own. Here are some suggestions.

“I have tweeted all of them recently. If you have a twitter account and you click on the  tip it will be able to retweet them. Why not retweet all 10!

“The graphics attached to the tweets can be found on the Big Up the NHS web site resource page.”

1)      Join the #thankyounhs live tweet at noon on the 5th July

2)      Put out at least one tweet with the tag #NHS66 every day until July 5th. Tell the whole country why you support the NHS.

3)      Advertise your plans for the day in the press. Most local papers are interested in good news stories if you just approach them

4)      Submit a poem for the #NHS66 ebook. See web site for details.

5)      Recruit a celebrity! Contact as many celebrities as you can and ask then to support the day

6)      Organise a party. Any sort of party will do. A couple of mates in the pub perhaps

7)      Attend an event. There are lots happening. Just Google #NHS66

8)      On the 5th July post your pictures and stories with the tag #NHS66

9)      Take #NHS66 outside social media. TALK to your friends and family about it

10)   Have fun! Celebrate the NHS! Use the hash tag all day! RT everything that looks good





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