Media: The Blackout on Wealth Inequality

kamsandhu —  June 5, 2014 — 2 Comments

by Kam Sandhu @KamBass

Papers and media are quick to assert that immigration is one of the nation’s concerns – though there is much to be said about this issue becoming a public concern when blanket disproportionate, fear-mongering media coverage has preceded it.

However, research from Inequality Briefing has revealed that the top concern amongst the public, outweighing immigration, tax and housing, is wealth inequality.

Yet, media does not cover this. Politicians do not speak about it.

Not only is the gulf of wealth inequality bigger than ever, but it is continuing to grow.

The media blackout on subjects like this are a collusion in their continuance. A collusion in the systemic impoverishment of a growing number of people finding themselves in poverty, or unable to afford rent, living costs or food, while zeros tack on to the bank balances of the rich.

Dealing with the wealth gap is an urgent issue. Left untackled, as many politicians and media seem to want, this will lead to further inequality, division and poverty.

This is an example of the issues we are tackling over the next few months. Read our plans and brief here.

And sign up for updates or pledge help by emailing – Join the action to take back the national debate before the General Election 2015.

Images: Inequality Briefing





2 responses to Media: The Blackout on Wealth Inequality

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