The UKIP Dossier – All you need to know.

kamsandhu —  May 2, 2014 — 20 Comments

By Thomas Barlow

So with UKIP at nearly 40% in the polls, something the governing coalition can’t manage between them, it is probably time we started talking about them properly.

Oh what’s that, we already have?  Well, let’s offer up one of those 7 point digests that BuzzFeed love so much, and pretend we’re proper journos here at RealFare. Because a lot of people have been putting out what’s hot and what’s not about these ‘BNP in Blazers’ (or Purple Tories as I like to think about them), so here’s the full UKIP dossier to help you make your Euro Election choices.

Image: The Guardian

Image: The Guardian

1. UKIP are the party of the super rich

Farage is an ex-banker, funded by ex-bankers, bankrupted and bailed out business men and ex-Tory toffs who think the current coalition is too kind to the poor. Farage has decided to open his own offshore account, because whilst Britain should govern itself, British people shouldn’t have to pay their taxes, at least not if they’re rich enough to hide it.

Their housing chairman makes his millions by renting to immigrants on housing benefit which is just socialism for the rich.

UKIP support TTIP – the deal which will allow corporations to sue governments and destroy public healthcare across the EU and the US amongst many other disasters.

Most importantly they planned to introduce a FLAT RATE TAX FOR EVERYONE OF 31%, that means the majority of us will pay way more tax, whilst the super rich get an awesome tax cut!

Actually the majority of their supporters support Green policies!

Which is a shame because UKIP want to tax bikes.

And double the prison population (because putting people in prison has worked so well – except for the 77% recidivism rate and the £44,000 cost per year per prisoner).

Ultimately they want to vastly increase the wealth of the rich, whilst leaving the rest of us stranded, charge for health services, unnecessarily increase the size of the army, and keep the flame of Thatcher alive.

They support big business over the rest of us – which even the BNP mock!

2. UKIP are corrupt even by government standards

Neil Hamiliton, of cash for questions fame, is deputy chair of the party. A man who would sell his Parliamentary power to the highest bidder.  This is a man so corrupt even the Tories expelled him.  Do you know how hard it is to get expelled by the Tories for corruption?!! I mean bucking the party line, or upsetting murdoch – easy, but corruption – they rally round the flag on that bad boy.

Many of the Councillors are ex Tories who have been caught in expenses fraud scandals. Lots of them.

At least two election hopefuls forged the signatures  needed to get nominated.

UKIPs former Commonwealth spokesperson created a kidnap gang.

Tom Wise, a UKIP MEP, was jailed for two years for fraud and you know rich people don’t go to jail unless they’ve done SERIOUS theft!

Another South East MEP was jailed was falsely claiming benefits – of £65,000!  And was found guilty of 21 charges of deception amongst a host of other crimes.

2 Senior MEPS used European funds (OUR TAXES) to illegally fund the party.

3. UKIP are blatant liars – or wilfully statistically inaccurate

75% of our laws are NOT made in Europe, which is a fact that has been based on a mistranslation of a youtube video, and is not substantiated anywhere by anyone.

He also suggests that European Commission makes all these laws and that they are unelected and irremovable.  They in fact do not make the majority of these laws, are elected, and are also completely removable.

The posters that suggest that immigrants are taking building jobs is also completely wrong as building companies announce labour shortages and the poster boys were both immigrants, one Irish, one Zimbabwean.

Their anti-scientific stance on Climate Change is jaw-droppingly moronic, and is ridiculed by anyone who values the idea that scientific truth comes from provable facts, not ideas you had over a pint (although admittedly the latter is more fun).

4. UKIP are a party of moronic bigots

NIGEL620_1820144aSo it is hard to list all the moronic and vicious things that UKIP members have said or done, but here are just a few.  Poster boy Andrew Lampitt made a litany of Twitter errors by publicly stating that Africans should be left to die, and that Ed Miliband was a Pole, amongst other things. Whilst a candidate in North London used the ‘send em back’ argument and applied it to Dudley’s favourite son Lenny Henry.

It is also worth noting their other poster boy is an Irish migrant to these shores, whilst a supposed potential UKIP voter in another poster is in fact their campaign manager.

Of course their donors are great fun as people as well, recently claiming that married women can’t be raped and that gay people can’t love. Oh, and that women wearing trousers is an abomination.
Add into the mix the comments on ‘bongo bongo land’, the argument that disabled people should be killed, or neutered, along with slagging off Nelson mandela and Steven Lawrence’s mother and basically a non stop peppering of homophobic, mysoginistic, racist, anti-scientific, pro climate change word turds emanating from every quarter of this knuckle dragging excuse of a party and you realise that actually all we have are a group of people who are united only by their hatred of the world and everything around them.

You can see why the founder left and has labelled them ‘morally dodgy’. And ex-members have accused Nigel Farage of everything from ‘Stalinist tendencies’, to racism, anti women prejudice and making Machiavelli look like an amateur’.

5. UKIP are a party of false hope, and false dissent

Thanks to Tory peers now making up the majority of the board of directors and the head of news at the BBC, it is now more right wing than ever.  The majority of the printed media is also right wing and pro rich. With disastrous and deeply unpopular austerity measures from a very pro rich government, seeds of massive dissatisfaction, and outright revolt have been sown.

As such the media need a rebel, but they can’t turn to the Greens, or any of the parliamentary parties that have larger numbers of representatives than UKIP, because broadly speaking they are progressive anti-Tory/rich parties.  They also can’t turn to the social movements that had originally mobilised such anti-government support, and that is why a media blackout on voices of dissent has occurred – most tellingly in the case of DPAC.

So they paint a man who is like a Tory on drugs as the new rebel, a man who basically promotes the same policies, but worse, and more extreme.  And they hope they can control him.  They may have got more than they bargained for, but don’t think for a second he is an anti-establishment rebel.

Hell no, his chums, funders and members are as establishment as you get.  If anything they are upset that they cannot make even more obscene amounts of money at our expense. And if they ever get any power they won’t be on your side.

6. UKIP are actually pretty fond of Europe

Nigel’s wife is German and his secretary, and the UKIP MEPS for London, the East Midlands and the South West hire at least two European assistants each.  Europeans are bad, unless you can afford to hire them to work for you it seems.

Of course what they are really keen on is the money.

As a failed banker Farage is not only hoofing up his £83,000 a year, but is going to claim two pensions and £15,000 a year in expenses on top of the £2million he already has claimed in expenses.

Europe is a fantastic gravy train for these boys – and one they know, regardless of what they say, is not going to run out any time soon. Especially as they never actually bother to turn up to create any of the changes they want, the work shy, lazy b******s.

Oh and UKIPs patriotic army have toured the country in a Mercedes Benz.

7. UKIP have a useless anti immigration policy

Let’s say that you bypass the arguments that say immigration is a massive boost to our economy, increases our tax revenue, enables older people to have pensions, and that without it our social services and healthcare would collapse.

Let’s forget that there are more British citizens living in the EU than vice versa, and that repatriation would leave us in a negative balance.

Lets even trounce the moral arguments that a measure of a society is how we treat others, regardless of where they were born, and that Britain used to pride itself on being a tolerant, kind and welcoming culture (whether this was ever true remains to be seen, but at least we were polite enough to pretend).

Let’s play the stop immigration game and see if UKIP have any sensible policies.

They plan to hugely increase military spending and support the massive corporations who plunder other countries to the point that economic migrants and refuggees are fleeing their homes in search of a better life.

More support for plundering UK corporations and an expanded UK military won’t decrease immigration, it will only increase it.

And putting controls on immigration numbers, as the Tories have discovered, only forces more immigration underground and allows sweatshop slave conditions to occur for those desperately fleeing their homes.

At the same time educated migrants bringing specialist skills to the country, or moving here simply because they love it or to be with partners and loved ones, are ultimately completely discouraged from being here.

Ultimately people are not even able to get the medical help they need – whilst the same exploitation and cheap labour continues unbounded.

It may seem idealistic, but until there are no borders and economic equality globally, we are unlikely to ever see the end of people moving to rich countries to find work.

Join national not voting UKIP day.






20 responses to The UKIP Dossier – All you need to know.


    I know many British who live in my country. If UK decides UKIP to be the best option for national elections then my vote goes to the far-right as well. Openness is a mutual thing and as long as the British will not accept immigrants in their land then why should I accept British immigrants in my country? I will instead encourage employers once they see a CV with British name to throw it in the bin immediately. And why should we accept British immigrants? My country has no jobs for anyone right now. Britain has better standards than my country. So coming here taking jobs from people who need them more while moaning how unfair are the immigrants in your land is completely stupid. So from now I am starting the anti-British campaign. No British jobs in the rest of Europe. And I am sure that many will follow, one, two, ten, millions then… get prepared!


    That report has fcuked my voting up! I’ve now got a choice of Cameroon and the soft left party that wants the “middle-classes” to embrace it. A right Farage-go! An’ no mistake!


      Well I am glad you got to make a more informed choice at least : ) But totally understand being disenfranchised from the other parties too for reasons you describe!


    As soon as I see the expression ‘toffs’ I just don’t read any further. I know it’s just going to be a lot of ‘them and us’ / class war / envy politics and my time is too precious to wade through it. So I didn’t.


    A party that people think has one major policy of preventing immigration and as such appeals to many. It’s only when you scratch beneath the surface that you see a right wing group with ambitions to take the UK further to the right than the Hitler’s Reich ever dreamed of. Be scared…be very scared if these people are successful in next 2 elections.


    Oh mate, thats awesome. Guys, we have a campaign to show our disgust at our followers on Twitter/Facebook who are going to vote UKIP. Please join us. (We are also going to try to get “Racist Friend” into the top 40 on election week.)

    Great Blog Ed!!!


    Wow that’s a very biased dossier full of misinformation. Farage was not a banker, he was a commodities trader. Trying to tar him with the same brush is being disingenuous. UKIP support small businesses which is why they want to cut EU red tape by leaving the EU. Only 5% of British businesses export to the EU but 100% have to abide with EU regulations.

    The flat rate tax of 31% in their 2010 manifesto which Farage has rubbished included National Insurance which is just another tax and lumping them together makes collecting tax cheaper saving money. UKIP are in favour of taking all on minimum wage out of tax altogether. Euro Commissioner Vivienne Reading said that 75% of our laws generated from the EU.


    A lot of people are looking to UKIP without scrutinising what their policies are other than immigration but Farage is pushing that one to the limit and is very quiet about the others, Just as the Tory/LibDem mantra has been the nauseating “You wrecked the economy” about Labour at every single interview, say things enough times and people start to believe it, and of course lies have to be consistently repeated to give it any credibility.
    Farage will not tell you your working regulations will be changed to the detriment of ordinary working people, tea breaks, holidays, maternity leave, health and safety. As a retired union member it does annoy me that these regulations have been put in place through years of struggle and are now not safe with any party but particularly UKIP. Paul Nuttall also let it slip he wants to see the privatisation of the National health where our funding will be syphoned off to private companies for no apparent reason other than they can, If you want to be like the American system vote for it but be warned that in America those who are lucky to afford private health are still going bankrupt because of health costs, a failed crazy system that doesn’t work for 45million people who can’t afford health care, where the poor will die without treatment to expensive surgery.
    I don’t want to vote for any of the parties but I definitely won’t be voting for UKIP they are not for the working classes


    lol …running scared????


    So all of these anti-UKIP groups are suddenly sprouting up, wondered when the £3 million of EU propoganda/troll pay would show itself.

    Chris Sharples May 8, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    I hope for your sake his lawyers dont see this stupid libelous post… Perhaps you should take a breath next time before dumping a load of mainstream propaganda


      Ah thanks for this input Chris. As you can see, the points here are backed up. Maybe you could forward this to his lawyer, and when you do, ask him what tactic Farage used to escape jail for his £2 million expenses claim. Thanks.


    So many lies here it’s hard to know where to start. How about your VERY FIRST point? Farage has never been a banker.

    If you want people to take you seriously, do basic research.

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