Recommended: Byron Vincent – ‘Nothing To Lose’

kamsandhu —  April 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

Had to share this excellent talk from Byron Vincent for Radio 4’s Four Thought on the criminality in Britain’s underclass.

“This isn’t some Millennium prize equation. 2,400 years ago Aristotle said ‘Poverty is the parent of crime,’ yet we’re still bombarded with reactionary histrionics from politicians designed to win votes by feeding fear and ignorance. Meanwhile, nothing genuinely helpful is being done to curb the problem of the growing criminal subculture within Britain’s underclass. It baffles me how those in power expect those at the bottom of the social and economic ladder to behave responsibly, when the architects of the issues they face take no responsibility for their part.

“But I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you. I hope the next time you have to pass through a dodgy estate, and you worry about getting robbed or worse, that you extend that concern to those that live there. I hope that concern sits with you.”

Byron Vincent Image: BBC

Byron Vincent Image: BBC

Listen to the full talk here.



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