Real Talks: ‘This City’ – written and performed by Sarah Perry

kamsandhu —  April 16, 2014 — Leave a comment


A poem written and performed by writer and activist Sarah Perry, as a response to a set of Real Talks questions.

Start the conversation. Join us on 24th April at Hoxton Hall for an evening of performance and debate on Employment in 2014.

Panellists include:

Natalie Bennett – Leader, Green Party

Thomas Barlow – Greater Manchester Community Union

Matteo Bergamini – Youth Employment UK

Kam Sandhu – Founder, RealFare

With performances from spoken word artist Jess Green and playwright Monsay Whitney.
Using fresh pieces of work from UK artists, as well as original interviews and footage, we create a stimulus for debate with an audience, on pressing social issues.

Our event on 24th April, ‘A Job’s Worth‘, focuses on Employment.

We will be answering questions like what does it mean to be unemployed? What is work worth? Is it ever right to work for free? Who benefits from the current welfare-to-work policies? What does the media say about employment? What rights do and should employees have? And most importantly, are there alternatives?

Register your place at

Waged – £5
Unwaged – Free

Follow us – @StartRealTalks

Follow Sarah Perry – @sarahperrypoet





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