Barlow’s Weekly Digest 11/04/14

kamsandhu —  April 11, 2014 — 1 Comment

So just to give you a flavour of what is below, we cover the ground that RealFare doesn’t cover on Welfare, on the areas of Liberty, Economics, Environment and we chuck in a bit of Good News, and something Random from the week.  All links are humorously introduced by yours truly, and I promise you they are not boring, and the best of way of finding out what has really been going on this week!
Read on…


I would thoroughly recommend getting Chomsky’s Occupied Media 

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 08.28.48


The Muslim plot that wasn’t.

And because the Police aren’t shit enough already, we are introducing the profit motive to them – watch out West Midlands and South East – it’s you first!

Economics (not boring i promise!)

Well I for one am happy that Arriva now own the Manchester ambulance service.

And of course, whilst UKIP don’t want a European Court of HUMAN Rights, they seem perfectly happy with a European court for CORPORATE Rights because I don’t see them complaining about this.

And just taking a moment to think about planned obsolescence.

Image: 1 million women campaign

Image: 1 million women campaign


Can we manage a Citizens Income?

This may be a slightly dense article on who owns London’s revenues, but in the search for the cause of spiralling house prices and a vastly unequal economy, it is a good start.


A thick cloud of Bullshit.

Random Bits of the week

Now, usually I wouldn’t include any post modernist toss, like this piece about Cupcake Fascism, but it is so unfortunately spot on about our natural subservience and pathetic inability to challenge the status quo (whilst also making me want a cupcake), I thought I have to bung it in here.

And the Telegraph admits that rich kids are ruining London

Good news!

Private Eye nicely point out the hypocrisy of a certain Emergency Care PR company complaining about the Teacher’s Strike…


Image: Teacher ROAR

Image: Teacher ROAR



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