Barlow’s Weekly Digest 04/04

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If you’re looking to start planning your summer, there might be a few things in here for you – and also if you like describing the Tories in unflattering terms, you may also enjoy this issue…

So our features are links and short commentary on the areas of Liberty, Economics, Environment and Good News!  We like to end on a high and generally give you a roundup of what is going across the UK and the world, that may not be reported in the mainstream media.


In one of the most novely disgusting retrograde moves by this corrupt farce of a government, prisoners are going to banned from reading their own booksChris Grayling’s very puncheable head is the empty pit of spite that came up with this moronic and entirely counterintuitive policy, as befits a man who could double as a noxious gas emitter for dangerous experiments. Charlie Gilmore writes a good piece on the flaws of this policy.

But it is so incredibly wrong on so many levels that even Charlie doesn’t cover the even the tip of the amoral wrong-headedness of this ridiculous and misguided lunge for popularity.  I mean he could have gone for cancelling Come Dine With Me, or taking away computer games, but this is quite frankly farcical.

Meanwhile at Barton Moss – the country’s most talked about protest site which still somehow fails to be newsworthy for mainstream media – people are joining the dots between MI5, the Tactical Aid (Assault?) Unit and Osbourne and his chums having large shares in Igas, Dart and other Fracking companies.

Fantastically in Scotland, the NUS (National Union of Students) mandated their officers to break the law by publicising their opposition to the Gagging Law – which allows the police to take action over liking Facebook posts.  Yet another reason to agree with the fight for independence – the Scots are ahead of the rest of the country again.

 Oh yeah, check this on Twitter politics and our failed Psuedo Democracy

Economics (not boring i promise!)

Well no one is going to lose their job, or even get told off over tea and biscuits, but the Tories managed to cost the country at least £750 million by shafting the sale of the Royal Mail up.  Funnily enough though, it helped George Osbourne’s best man make millions of pounds in one day.


Image: Attila The Stockbroker

Image: Attila The Stockbroker

Like the awfully expensive and ruthless privatisation of the Railways, this has cost the Royal Mail massively, and more importantly the workers and the quality of the service have been absolutely destroyed, cutting 1600 jobs, whilst giving the £1.5 million a year boss a massive pay rise!


This week is mostly about Fracking in the UK. As the drill leaves Barton Moss, a new camp is set up near Sheffield (where they are planning to drill on a site that used to be a munitions factory – genius), and the fanstastic Balcombe community, where this all started are turning an anti campaign, into an energy democracy campaign and starting their own local energy company – get in touch with them and Back Balcombe.


Image: Frack Free (S.Yorks)

Image: Frack Free (S.Yorks)

Oh yeah, and there is a new Reclaim The Power Camp coming soon (Aug 15th) – include this in your summer holiday plans…

In astounding world news 97% of scientists agree that global warming is man made, and say that ignorance can no longer be an excuse.  Again.

It seems that ignorance can both be an excuse and a prime cause of climate change.  In fact maybe we should call it ignorance-made climate change, instead of man-made.  Just a thought…

Good news!

Well it’s not occured yet, but at least talking about ending the war on drugs is occurring more often.

 Trade Unions Unite For Militant And Sustained General Strike Len McClusky Announces!

The Swiss are considering a Universal Basic Income!

An Oil rig worker helps homeless people in his town

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