Real Talks: A Job’s Worth 24/04 – Be Part Of The Conversation

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RealFare and Inner City Theatre Co-Production
REAL TALKS presents:

‘A Job’s Worth’

A unique night of performance and debate.

Alongside some of the UK’s most varied and vibrant artists, and hand picked
specialist guest speakers, RealFare and Inner City Theatre invite local voices
and the audience to get involved and have their say on the issue of
employment in 2014.

Why do people work? What should work, a job, employment, give a person?
Is it a career? Security? A route out of poverty? A means to pay bills and
living costs? A car or a house? Independence?

What happens when years of expensive higher education, £30,000 debt and
months of free work experience don’t guarantee a minimum wage job?

What happens when people can’t move out of home because zero hour
contracts mean they don’t know if they have work or income from week to

What happens when wages stay so low that millions of people in work are still
living in poverty?

What happens to paid jobs when ‘work for the dole’ policies force people to
work for free?

What happens when there are 5 people for every vacancy, but you get called
a scrounger for being unemployed?

What should work, employment, a job, give a person?

There are 2.3 million unemployed working age people in the UK. An extra
1.46 million are underemployed — in work with not enough hours. What
happens when there aren’t enough jobs?

We want a debate. We want an alternative. We want change.

Info on speakers and artists to follow.

Be part of the debate on 24th April at Hoxton Hall

E-mail for more info and to register


Unwaged – Free
Waged – £5



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