What happened when she recorded her jobcenter interview.

kamsandhu —  March 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

You have the right. Use it if you need.

Benefit tales

Here’s a calm, assertive lady who knows her rights trying to assert them and record a job centre interview.

The video speaks for itself. But if anyone is in this position and wants to know what their rights are , I’ve copied the Freedom of Information Request reply from the Department of  Work and Pensions, stating exactly what a claimant’s rights are in videoing their jobcenter interview. You’ll find it below the video.

FOI3032 Response 04.07.13.pdf

Recordings by claimants during
interviews, telephone calls etc 

Claimant publishes recording on the internet
Claimants may seek to record a telephone conversation or an interview with 
DWP either openly or covertly using digital recording devices such as 
cameras, microphones and mobile phones.  There are a number of reasons 
why the Department should stop this happening in open plan public 
spaces. Jobcentre Plus has particular guidance on this here. 
A key concern is that…

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