In Defence of Nationalised Industry

kamsandhu —  March 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

In Defence of Nationalisation, a post reminding us of the importance of nationalising services, particularly the NHS, which hangs in the balance as the coalition sell off yet more contracts, leaving only the least profitable and most difficult skeleton to the taxpayer. Accountability and a focus on customer/people needs rather than profit, as well as cheaper services can be achieved through nationalisation of services, rather than putting people at the mercy of companies hellbent on profit, as we have seen in the energy industry.

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Since the 1970s, nationalisation has had a bad reputation, caused by the inefficiency, poor performance and appalling quality of some of its products. The classic example of this was British Leyland, hit by a long series of strikes, producing cars of a poorer workmanship and much less attractive than its foreign, increasingly Japanese, rivals. Yet the authors of Socialist Enterprise: Reclaiming the Economy, Diana Gilhespy, Ken Jones, Tony Manwaring, Henry Neuberger and Adam Sharples show that in many cases this images is grossly unfair. They argue

The case for public ownership is as powerful now as it has ever been – just as it has never been more urgent to rethink the priorities for public ownership, the methods of achieving it, the accountability and internal structure of publicly owned companies, and above all, their responsiveness to consumer and community needs. Publicly owned companies should be a model for socialism…

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