Barlow’s Weekly Digest 26/02

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It’s been a busy week for news, and plenty of non-news too. But fear not, Thomas Barlow is here with his second weekly instalment of Barlow’s Digest, to sort the worthy from the not and decipher what is happening from the lies and bullshit. Let’s crack on.


When they screw you, they like to screw you from two directions.  A law to promote fracking will also permanently infringe on our rights, thanks law gazette.

Pesky Human rights are clearly getting in the way of the filthy rich getting stinking rich, Theresa May admitted, in a rare moment of honesty
Sorry, I meant to say, goddamn Europeans!  Holding us to a law that we wrote to stop any further genocides in Europe after the Second World War! We’ll have no rights for Humans if that’s what we want!

The most invidious attack on our liberty is the attack on our minds – we don’t need to be radically and physically oppressed if we are divided, distracted and misinformed.

Economics (not boring I promise!)

Don’t get a job – it is for bovine idiots!

There are better critiques than this rather right wing US one out there, and we will return to this subject over the coming weeks, but economics is not just about nations and global trading, it is about you!

The dignity of work.

And remember if you are worried about the burden you pay for others to live scot free, the people at the top are the REAL SCROUNGERS!

Image: 24 Dash

Image: 24 Dash

If the UK was a village of 100 people, a few people would be jobless,  one may be so disabled they can’t work, and maybe one of that lot would be taking the mick, and they would all be easily looked after by a little food off our table.  In comparison, our stinking greedy village overlord would have a gang of bullies stealing nearly everything we had, in hundreds of sneaky ways and then hiring people to tell us what scum each other was.

Tax Justice?  Hmmmm…

Oh don’t forget that UKIP are a party of the rich, scummy landlords!


Chevron reminds people of the economic benefits of Fracking after killing a man, then offering the community Pizza vouchers. Jesus, no matter how hard we try, Americans always manage to be more tasteless than us…

Science is telling is to revolt

Distraction of the week


As per usual, we cannot get an honest source of information, so we are clueless as to most of what is actually happening.  What we do know is that it is messy, there are fascists involved heavily, but also radicals and liberals.  I Acknowledge does the best run down.

But maybe we shouldn’t care (

And in Venezuela where the corporate media have been caught lying about two attempted right wing military coups and a host of other things, the media is avoiding even touching the protests there.

Good News

A policeman actually gets convicted of something!

Managing to wobble between sanctimonious and pop culture drivel, it is still hard to suppress a little joy that Vice is launching a news channel, with some of the excellent reports and videos that it has already done being used in montage here. 

And Here.

Honestly, please treat yourself to ‘This is what winning looks like’, for what state Afghanistan is really in – it is not an overly emotional, heart strings puller, just a great inside look.  You’ll love the US Army Major by the end…

Russell Brand dealing with inanity deftly yet again

A street entertainer holds his own when challenged by full bore racist pricks Glasgow AFA, you know what they look like…

Kid does science experiment

Salford make it into LA news

A doctor strikes a small blow for science (btw people – science is a METHOD, not an invisible force that powers Frankenstein monsters)

Anarchists blow shit up again!

And some more.

A man in debt demolishes his house and drops in front of his bank (who said we’ve got nothing to learn from Bulgarians!)


As I am a proud (adopted) Mancunian, I thought I would include a little local news that may not make the nationals.

Parties were thrown all over Salford as Hazel Blears announced she wouldn’t be standing again in 2015, after narrowly avoiding deselection by the (pretty militant) Salford Labour party. It took a lot of bribes to keep her in that time, clearly she didn’t have that much left in the account any longer…

Though in even better news, a former Class War member is standing in Salford as well, more on Class war in coming weeks…

The campaign to save the roots of the Carribbean carnival is under way.

Lots of news from Barton Moss (in Salford – which is its’ own city. Yes i know. Salford!) where local protectors are single handedly holding up the Fracking industry in the UK –

Local Schoolgirl arrested

2 Week adjournment from eviction

Local Hacienda legend Dave Haslam rocks it for Barton Moss

Get involved with writing energy strategy for our locality

Thomas Barlow



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