Media: Time to Pull Media Back From The Bed Of Politics – Sign The EU Initiative

kamsandhu —  February 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

There is a new EU Initiative that, if successful, will be vital in putting the media back in our hands, and calls to put an end to concentrated media ownership and the conflict of interest that exists in the bedfellowship of political power and media influence.  Read below and sign is all I can say!


The following is taken from – Visit. Sign. Take our media back.

“The European Citizens Initiative, (ECI), is an exciting new tool of transnational participatory democracy allowing at least one million European citizens to present directly to the European Commission a legislative proposal. The ECI is not another petition: it is a real bottom-up legislative process that allows you to set the European agenda!”


A EU Directive indicating clearly:

  1. An effective legislation to prevent the concentration of media ownership and control of advertising;
  2. A guarantee of independence of supervisory bodies independent from political power;
  3. The definition of conflict of interest in order to avoid media moguls occupying high political office;
  4. A clear European monitoring systems to regularly check the health and independence of the media in the member States.
  5. Guidelines and best practice of new models of publishers sustainability to guarantee the quality of journalism and in support of those who work within the sector.”

– See more at:

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