Week of Action: Hands off Our Student Loans

kamsandhu —  January 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Student Assembly Against Austerity is organising a week of action from 3rd February against a proposed sell off of  student loans to private companies who are able to charge more interest and make profit.

Image: Student Assembly Against Austerity

Image: Student Assembly Against Austerity


The Student Assembly Website says:

“The government is planning to sell off the student loan book to private companies. In order to make the student loan book more profitable, a secret report for the government (written by Rothschild Bank) has proposed retrospectively increasing the cap of interest on student loan repayments or scrapping it all together. This essentially means a retrospective hike in tuition fees.

The government is planning to complete the sell off by 2015. It could happen sooner.”

50 campuses are already involved and they have the support of the NUS (National Union of Students).

The Assembly aim to build a broad coalition against the privatisation of student debt, and urge more people to get involved.


Find out more here and look out for more information on RealFare next week.





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