Heard At…The North London People’s Assembly.

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Image: The North London People's Assembly

Image: The North London People’s Assembly



“Everything we have won, all the gains, all the rights, were not won through the good will and generosity of those above but through ordinary people from below organising, uniting together, forcing those in power to listen.”

Owen Jones, author and columnist

“We need to mobilise millions of people.”

Nick McCarthy, Head of campaigns, communication and organising PCS Union


“They talk about privatisation as fragmentation but it is actually decimating services.”

“1 in 4 children in London go to school hungry and that is shocking. There are things too big to stay silent on, and poverty is one of them for teachers.”

“It’s such a tsunami of awfulness, and we need to give people hope.”

Max Hyde

“It’s one law for the rich and no law for the poor.”

John Rees, Stop The War Coalition, Counterfire

“The government have no knowledge of, no connection with, the solidarity that exists between working people.”

Reverend Paul Nicholson

“The benefit cap is more about sending out a message than it is about saving money.”

Jane Lapporte, Haringey Housing Action Group

“The only way to fight this is to go back to your roots, and support the welfare state, public health services and public owned education…We want a society that cares for all and ignores none rather than ignores many and cares for a few.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP

“I’m not a politician, I’m just a human being that cares about other human beings and the environment we live in….This [system] is corporate welfare for those up top and neo-capitalism for everyone else.”

Francesca Martinez, Writer and Comedian

“This government wants to cut out everything to do with equality. The cuts are amplifying the racism that existed before…The government cuts are not about saving money, they are about discrimination, inequality and racism.”

Zita Holbourne, Poet, Artist, Activist

“Things do change, and they change because of the actions of ordinary human beings like you and me.”

Lynsey German, Stop The War Coalition




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