Fight the UK Gagging Law

kamsandhu —  September 11, 2013 — 1 Comment

There is a very worrying law going through Parliament that could gag campaigners, organisations, charities and groups and stop them from speaking out against government and holding politicians to account.

Under the new lobbying law, groups such as 38 Degrees, would be gagged for an ENTIRE year before a general election. That would mean that from 2014 campaigners would be unable to talk about all the important issues that need to be aired like what is happening to the NHS, welfare, the environment, immigration, war – everything.

This could really harm access to important information and is an attack on the campaigners that are working hard to hold politicians to account. It seems the bill is being rushed through so we need to act now.

“This legislation is the most pernicious assault on campaigners in living memory” 
Greenpeace“Organisations’ ability to react to important public policy developments…will be severely undermined”
National Council for Voluntary Organisations

“This will have a chilling effect on civic society and its freedom of expression”
Rosamund McCarthy, Senior lawyer at BWB solicitors, a charity law firm

38 Degrees have set up a page to allow you to easily send an e-mail to your MP, or if you would like, call them or visit them.

Visit 38 Degrees here to see how you could help.




One response to Fight the UK Gagging Law

    Audrey Blackwell October 15, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I do not know a lot about this but I was always led to believe that this country stood for free speech but it seems that only applies for others not for people born and standing up for Britain.

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