What We Learned Last Week (12/08-18/08)

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1) Welfare reforms leave councils unable to cope, says research

According to research carried out by the Centre for Social and Economic Inclusion for the Local Government Association, local councils will be left to help those too poor to survive due to welfare reforms.

80% of benefit claimants will be worse off and will have to look to local councils for help, with the poorest in Britain losing £31 a week in income.

Local Government Association commissioned the controversial report

Local Government Association commissioned the controversial report

TUC general secretary Frances O’ Grady blasted the government over the research, saying:

“This research exposes what a devastating impact [government’s] policies are having on communities throughout the country.

“Ministers are not cracking down on cheats as they claim, but destroying the safety net that our welfare state is meant to provide for those who fall on hard times through no fault of their own.”

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2) Children may be charged for being taken into care under new plans

Worcestershire council have put forward plans in a consultation that could see some children charged up to £10,000 a year for social care.

Plans would see social care costs moved onto carers, families and some children over the age of 16, but these proposals have been condemned by child protection campaigners.

Social workers will have to assess whether a family, carer or child can afford the charges, but failure to comply could lead to legal action.

NSPCC and Barnardo’s have attacked the plans, suggesting they could stop families and children in need coming forward.

Image: The Guardian

Image: The Guardian

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3) Food Bank Demand grows in school holidays

Food banks say they have experienced a huge rise in demand for emergency parcels as parents struggle to feed their children during the school holidays.

The Trussell Trust Food Bank have seen a huge increase in demand.

The Trussell Trust Food Bank have seen a huge increase in demand.

Trussell Trust, Britain’s largest food bank, say they have seen a doubling of demand in some food banks since the holidays began.The struggle is hardest for parents whose children received free school meals, and now have to find the money for an extra meal a day.

Trussell trust say that a rise in food prices along with the welfare reforms introduced in April have left families desperate for help.

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4) Disabled people begin a 5-day Vigil against Work Capability Assessment

Disabled people have begun a 5 day vigil outside an ATOS benefit assessment centre in Cardiff, against the WCA and ‘unfair’ practices of ATOS and the DWP.

The vigil, organised by Disability Activist Network and Disabled People Resistance will take place from 10am today and continue everyday until 3pm on Friday.

According to campaigners, the judgements made through the controversial WCA assessment are responsible for 73 avoidable deaths of disabled people every week.

Read more about this story here.

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