Recommended: ‘Lost Nation’ – Red Room Productions

kamsandhu —  July 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

“We are forgetting that when you cut people they bleed…There’s a lost nation out there who people just don’t see or speak to.”

Based on research and interviews with local residents in Brent as well as politicians such Glenda Jackson and George Galloway, ‘Lost Nation’ seeks to reveal what life is like for those under the government cosh.

Set in the streets of London, 4 actors tell 4 different stories about their lives as they struggle to survive on the little they have and face the challenges of political and media rhetoric branding them as ‘scroungers’ and ‘shirkers.’

The interviews will also be part of a documentary. See some clips here:

We caught up with Topher from The Red Room to find out more:

What pushed you to make ‘Lost Nation’? Why is it important now?

“We have produced Lost Nation as an answer to the stereotypes that surround people on low or no wages.

“Rarely do you see or hear the stories of people who are living in poverty, it always comes from the authorities that label them skivers and shirkers. A lot of people are in this situation because of unfortunate circumstances, the recession, class differences; therefore, to get the true picture, we need to give these people a chance to be heard.

“Using verbatim theatre and documentary film we have created 5 nights of exciting site-specific theatre that gives the audience a chance to hear the stories of 4 people living in poverty in the London Borough of Brent.”

What can people expect if they come to see ‘Lost Nation?’

“The ‘Lost Nation’ is a fun, interesting and thought-provoking piece of site-specific theatre.  The work introduces the audience to the primary ideas and themes of the project by creating a story-telling experience that begins from the moment they buy their ticket.

“Overall, I would say, we want to inspire people to partake in the conversation about what is unjust and what is right in society.  We want the audience to ask the questions we have been asking, what kind of society do we want to live in? How do we want to treat people in society? We will never progress if we think about people as ‘them’ and ‘us’.  We need to think on a human scale about the welfare of others.  This is what the Lost Nation aims to do, it looks at poverty from the point of view of those affected to show that we are all connected.”

‘Lost Nation’ runs from 24-28th July.

Buy tickets and find out more here.


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